Data Sharing

Enhanced Data Sharing in the NHS


Data SharingSharing Of Your Medical Records Between Health Professionals

Enhanced Data Sharing Model (EDSM) allows patients to give consent for their detailed care record to be shared with NHS organisations and teams, giving people control over who contributes to and views their record.

Enhanced Sharing of information about your health works on a patient-by-patient basis and allows us to document whether you want to share your computerised patient record at Beacon Medical Practice with any other NHS caring service, such as District Nurses, Out of Hours Services and Accident & Emergency Services, and whether you permit us to view information about your health recorded on computer by other healthcare services. Your agreement to share your electronic medical record with other relevant health services can be set and changed at any time, giving you complete control. So, whenever you feel it is appropriate you can withhold your consent and stop the sharing of your health record with other health organisations.

In the process of looking after your health Doctors at Beacon Medical Practice always have shared details of patient records with other relevant healthcare services, but usually this is done by letter, secure email, fax or phone. For instance, when your GP needs to refer you to a Hospital Consultant, information about your health will be shared to enable the hospital to investigate and treat your condition safely and efficiently. However, at times this kind of communication can slow down your treatment and the relevant information about your health may be difficult to access.

Sharing of your electronic health record allows for joined up care across different NHS settings which gives you the best and safest health care and service. For instance, it will be much easier and safer for the hospital doctor to look up the medication you use and what allergies to drugs you have, when you have to go to A&E for an unexpected urgent medical condition.

On your next visit to the Surgery, the Receptionist will give you information about electronic data sharing among NHS services and will seek your consent for this.

You will be asked:

“Would you like to share your record held here with other services that are/will be providing your care in the future?” And also:

“Would you like to share your data recorded at other services with this GP surgery?”.

Your preference will be recorded and remember you can change this at any time in the future.

For more information follow the link and download the patient’s guide Your Electronic Patient Record and The Sharing Of Information.