Patient Participation Group

We welcome you to the webpage of the Beacon Medical Practice Patient Participation Group (PPG).

The purpose of the PPG is liaise between patients and the practice. It is designed as a forum to discuss the wider issues of running the practice and for introducing new ideas and initiatives. It is not designed to deal with individual problems between doctor and patient.

Patient Participation Group is made of practice staff and patients that are representative of the practice population. The PPG should be seen as the conduit between the practice and the patients on topics which are likely to lead to a better service with ideas coming from patients and the practice. Beacon Medical Practice promotes the proactive engagement of patients and seeks views from practice patients through the use of local practice surveys. The outcomes of the engagement and the views of patients are published on this website. Remember the group exists to help you express your views and your comments and suggestions will be valued.

Patients from our three surgeries have formed an Executive Committee. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) has agreed a formal Constitution, and has elected Officers. The Committee and Officers are to stand for one year, following which an Annual General Meeting is held. Nominations and elections are held and all patients are eligible to attend and vote. And of course we are always looking for people to help! If you are interested in taking part in our Patient Participation Group, please download the application form.

The current Executive Committee of the Patient Participation Group consists of the following elected Officers:

Mrs Marigold Chisnall – Chair Person

Paula Chapman – Vice Chair Person

Nick Hutchinson – Secretary

Mrs Cathy Brockwell – Practice Manager

Mrs Mickaela Crane – IT & Data Quality Manager

Mrs Vicki Coggins-Hudson – Operations Manager

Ms Fiona Brown

Mrs Ann Bliss

Mrs Susan Carey

Mr Sidney Dennis

Mr Eddie Gasson

Mr Richard Roe

Mrs Teresa Tansley

Mr Leonard Hemingway

Ian Bradbury

Mel Turton-Leivers

Glenis Brown

For more information, please visit the National Association for Patient Participation website.

Patient Surveys
Annually Beacon Medical Practice conducts a Patient Survey. The aim of these surveys is to gain Patients’ opinions on our services and help us make improvements if possible.